Edmund Heery is Professor Emeritus in Employment Relations at Cardiff Business School. For the past few years Edmund has been working on a major study of the Real Living Wage, the voluntary wage standard promoted by the Living Wage Foundation. Over the summer Edmund and his colleagues, Deborah Hann and David Nash, published an account of the Living Wage campaign and its effects: The Real Living Wage – Edmund Heery, Deborah Hann, David Nash – Oxford University Press (oup.com). More recently Edmund and his colleagues have published two reports, which are available on the Living Wage Foundation website. The first, Twenty years of the Living Wage – The Employer Experience | Living Wage Foundation, reports the results of a survey of all accredited Living Wage Employers and examines whether there is a ‘business case’ for signing up to standards of this kind. The second, The Real Living Wage in Higher Education, looks at the spread of the Living Wage amongst universities and presents evidence for a substantial redistributive effect within the sector.