Let’s be honest – we’re not expecting higher education to make headlines during the next general election campaign or emerge as a doorstep issue. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good time to think through how higher education connects into the key issues facing the country, and talk to the political parties about what policies might be enacted in the next Parliament. Working together, you’ll tackle the issues and come up with policies to address them – bonus points if any of them appear in a party manifesto.

Despite an external environment characterised by its volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, there’s additional pressure on the sector to respond dynamically – with growing pressure from students, regulators, and the government to do so well and at pace. This immersive and interactive simulation game will challenge participants to think beyond “mimetic” modes of development and consider if there are assumed models about what a “good” university looks like that might be stopping us from achieving for students.

Bring your best ideas to make university life better – work with a team of like-minded intrapreneurs and pitch your idea to see if you can persuade your competitors to invest their Wonkhebucks in your plan. No real money involved – but this interactive session should spark your thinking about your organisational culture, and what kinds of activity or intervention could help you and your colleagues thrive.